Dokomi + Liechtenstein

May 21, 2013

Hello lovelies,

Dokomi was so much fun this year and I got to meet a lot of new people. Despite the fact that I thought my allergy would kill me any moment, I had a very good time. And it was even sunnier and warmer than expected and the best thing was that it didn't rain. 
Saturday I finally had the chance to wear my new btssb dress. I wore a lot of layers because of the cold including a huge scarf which was wrapped around my upper body.
On Sunday I did Female Norway again and even had the chance to take some pictures with another Norway. The cosplayer and the photographer were both so cute!
I don't have any pictures yet but I wait eagerly for them.

My next cosplay (if I finish it until Friday in the evening lala) will be this:

Liechtenstein in the children days version. I just love her dirndl! I hope I'll manage in 4 days x_x Or...2 days, I only have time tomorrow after work and on Friday until 5 pm. yikes.
Wish me luck!


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