Korea part 2: Wigs

June 13, 2013

Hello lovelies,

I was trying to find some (cosplay) wigs in Korea but everyone suggested I should try online. I did find some online but I wanted physical shops.
I found an area with a lot of wigs and two seperate shops, which popped up in the middle of nowhere, so I have no idea where I found them. But appearantly also Good Morning city and Migliore should have some random wig shops.

I found the wigs in Hello AM PM in Dongdaemun. They had a limited colour range but if you wanted normal colours for gyaru oder lolita that would be definitely the place to be. There were a few shops selling wigs, wig clips and wefts.
For my two wig clips I paid 38.000won instead of 40.000 (so 20.000 for one clip in pony tail), getting a dc/cash discount. Always ask for a discount while shopping! The saleswoman/man will gladly give it to you! The price is alright and the wig too. And they even gave me a wig brush for free, yey!
Due to my flash it seems shinier than it actually is, so I took one without flash. Still shiny. OTL.

Location of the market:
You take the line 2, 4, or 5 to Dongdaemun History and Culture park station and go to exit number 13. You should already see the big building.

See what it looks like live in my former post:
wig clip


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