Korea part 3.1: Shopping

June 14, 2013

Hello lovelies,

now onto my favourite part; shopping.

My most favourite shopping place was definitely the the Gangnam Underground Shopping Arcade (강남지하상가) at the express bus terminal. Most of the things sold there where in a range of 5.000 to 10.000won. (3,50-7€) but you could also get more "expensive" things. I tried to only buy things for 10.000won.
You find a lot of different things in this market. They have shoes, mobile phone cases and clothes located in the middle of the shopping street and decoration, flowers and furniture in the outer street. There are areas where you can sit down and drink something or charge your mobile phone.
My friends and I completely forgot the time, there are no clocky anywhere, and suddenly all the shops closed already. We were there for 4 hours! And shops close at 9pm.
so, my shopping haul ended with these items:

 Cute shoes with a big flower, for only 10.000won

 Flower Bag with details of the flower (in white and pink) for 10.000won
 I chiffon blouse for work with a cute collar. I forgot the prize...

 A cute sailor top for 15.000won

 A hairclip with a pink flower. I forgot the price again.

A white lace skirt for 8.000won

 Blue and polka dot skirt for only 5.000won

 A supercute bunny towel. This was actually bought in the shopping centre above the underground mall. |D. I forgot the price too.

 A white lace dress with flowers and wing sleeves. So cute! Also only 10.000won.

Lace blouse with chiffon flowers and lots of details. 15.000won again ^___^

Take the metro line 3 oder 7 to Express Bus Terminal Station (고속테미널역) and exit number 8. And voila, you are there. Enjoy the shopping


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