Kiko, Inglot and shopping

July 04, 2013

Hello lovelies,

I had a free day on Tuesday. Yey!
My sister and I decided to visit the Thai festival which is currently held in Vienna from the 2nd to the 7th of July at Prater.

The food was so delicious! I love Thai food so much! And it was really hot and spicy, keke~ <3 nbsp="" p="">

There was a lot of dancing and a great show. I just didn't like all the old Austrian men drinking beer and ogling the young and beautiful Thai ladies and dancers.  I hate it when people think Asians are so sweet, subdominant and good to marry because they are not that emancipated like European woman. No no no. Just no.
There was not only food you could buy but also a lot of flowers, cosmetics (snail and snake creams O.o) but you could also have a massage. 15mins for 10€!
Naturally I took this offer and was in  a 15min pure but painful, bliss.

 Me on the right :D

My sister and me.
My sister on the left and me on the right. This is what I usually look like, without the heavy make up, the wigs and circle lense. |D
She made all of the pictures above and you can find even more on her homepage:

After the Thai festival we decided to go to Donauzentrum, a shopping centre in Vienna and that was a mistake. I BOUGHT SO MUCH!
One book, underwear (Hunkemüller sale is the best!!!), a skirt from Mango, make up from Inglot and Kiko.

The make-up haul. Kiko opened a new store in Vienna (it may be the first in Austria, but I am not sure) and they had brushes and make-up on sale! So, I bought three brushes, nail polish 3 in 1, mascara and lipgloss.
In Inglot I just bought three eye shadows and an eyeshadowbox. The little black pack on the right side was a freebie. yey!

And then a normal pencil skirt for work from Mango. On sale for only 12,99€ ;D


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