Lolita Meet up in Vienna

August 07, 2013

Hello lovelies,

my computer will be fixed on the 8th and until then I had no real internet. Except on my phone and my netbook but the netbook is not really working well.

But only one more day. Yey!
As for now, I wanted to share all the great pictures of the Lolita meet-up!
It took place on Saturday and we were a lot. I think the Lolita community in Austria is really getting bigger with every year. That's really great! So many fellow Lolitas!

Group picture and a close up. We even had a special guest, Carmina a fellow blogger and a film team.

 Iro, my "adoptive" son. She made such a wonderful Ouji/Kodona! And I think she looks a bit like Karyu from Despairsray?

 Lena is also wearing Kodona. And her shoes are quite antique. Her mother wore them when she met her father.

Feli in a wonderful blue dress. It had an Alice-themed print and the hat was terrific!

Whole body shot and close up. I wore my brand new Innocent world dress, with a h.naoto blous, bodyline ribbon and rocking horse. The necklace and the bracelet are real pearl from the Philippines! I love pearls *___*!
I actually wanted to wear my other IW dress but it didn't fit to anything I had.

And another close up from my two dear ones.

We went to the Helnwein exhibition in the Albertina in Vienna and I loved it. I went around the gallery muttering fantastic or stunning to myself.

I got two pictures for you.

Gottfried Helnwein, The Child Dreams 6, 2011; mixed media (oil and acrylic) on canvas; 94½ x 172 in.; courtesy of Modernism Inc., San Francisco,

I stood in front of the last canvas and I thought it was 3D. It's fantastic! And everything is a painting! Not photography! Urgh, isn't it amazing?
I definitely have to get his artbook when I have the time!


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