Connichi 2013

September 18, 2013

Hello lovelies,

I arrived home on Sunday at midnight from Connichi. And now I am sick. I wasn't sick for more than 1 1/2 year so I'm really pissed off and betimes a bit whiney. And I crave chocolate like a madman. o_o

I arrived pretty late on Friday but I didn't plan on doing anything special anyway so I didn't care. And I did get to meet some awesome people and wear my newest lolita dress. Remember it?

This is it on my dressing doll.

Both pictures were done by Greencat.
Thank you again!

On Saturday I had my big cosplay with dear Zen as Radu.
I haven't seen a lot of pictures I'll just share one of the first!
As you can see, talented PhynPhyn or the two girls from cucpcakepassion are capable of doing stunning work!
We drove up to the local castle? I think... in Kassel and made pictures there. It was cold and raining. No wonder I am always sick after conventions...

As for Sunday I think I have the most pictures. Not even kidding. XD!
I had a group from a very talented friend who self designed the outfits we wore. We had every month of the year as personification plus the seasons. Of course not everybody managed but we had a respectable group in the end!

Again a huge thank you Greencat.

Stay healthy everyone!


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