Corset queen

September 25, 2013

Hello lovelies,

I decided to order two corsets a few days ago because I desperately wanted to start with my waist training. (More information please visit Lucy's corsetery.Go and check it out. It just perfect. I could not explain it better!)

I paid for express shipping and it was here in 3 working days (and a weekend inbetween OTL).

I ordered a steampunk corset and the ecru coloured one is the one for my waist training.

It'S actually quite heavy. And probably a few cm too big for me. Not in matters of waist size but I'm a small person and my torso is not that long. So the corset also pushes up my boobs. I look like I always wear a padded push up bra now.

Also, it smelled a bit like an oild refinery? But I checked with ups and it says, the corset came from India (although I ordered on an American site. I was a bit put back). And Simon explained that in India they had a different method of bleaching and I should not worry. Well...okay.

And this is the steampunk corset with a close up of the details. That's my second steampunk corset and I haven't even worn steampunk once in public. yikes.
I really do have to keep my fashion expenses at bay even though I have 200% more money than I did have a year ago. But I want to have everything of my fashion and steampunk is now in my collection. My fashion favourites are now as following: Hime Gyaru, Sweet Lolita, Classic Lolita, Shiro Lolita, Hime Kaji, Dirndl, Steampunk, 50s, 20s, Uniforms and a lot of historical period dresses including Josephine, Italien Renaissance, antic roman/greek fashion, Victorian.
Urgh. I still have to sew a lot. Starting with the basic undergown to the full dress. Including accessoires and sometimes the right wig.

But for now, this is a cosplay and gyaru fashion blog :)

Auris Lothol

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