Another WIP

September 04, 2013

Hello lovelies,

Tomorrow is the last day of work for this week. Horray. I'm free on Friday and I will continue to sew,  with my blood and sweat. Maybe not with my sweat anymore, because it cold down quite a bit in Vienna.

My progress again:

Tada, this is what it looks like. The skirt is a bit too high but when wearing it, I will pull it down a bit!
I like my progress although I am not very satisfied with a lot of small things. Meh.

 The cuff of one of the sleaves. It still misses its stones. And I am out of glue so I couldn't do the second cuff today.

More gold and glittery stuff. And yes, the candle looks like a pin cushion because I am drying the wet paint on the pearls with it |D


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