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October 21, 2013

Hello lovelies,

I got a new outfit picture :3

I never liked this colour combination but now I do. Strange.

I got some of my items I bought a while ago. Hooray!

They are handmade and I really love them. The only problem is the pendant because it's silver and not gold. Even though I like silver more than gold but gyaru wear more gold than silver...
But nevertheless, I like it!
Germans like to send with DHL. That would be way too expensive in Austria v_v

 New prisila halfwigs! Yesss~

 A prisila fullwig and a tralala coat. It's not very warm but it looks great. I will only wear it on warm days... :3

I have four coats for winter now; two black, a pink and a bronze coloured one. The black coat is not even my newest. Just on Friday I bought the bronze coloured one. And it is definitely the warmest. I bought it in Peek and Cloppenburg an was surprised by the prize. The coat was reduced from 199€ to only 99€! I won't freeze this winter anymore. Happy!

 That's my prisila collection. Everything is in LIYE except for the ponytail at the bottom. And I bought more halfwigs in TGMX and they will arrive soon.

That's my collection including the rope wigs from another wig shop. I use them for my Himegyaru hair :3. And I definitely need a photoshooting with all my new wigs again.

 I asked Simon if he could build me a small lolita and gyaru corner because I didn't use my writing desk a lot, which stood there. And he did. No I have finally more space for my normal clothes and the lolita and gyaru clothes are easily to spot and wear.
But be aware, that this is not all of my jewelry and hair accessories. I still have another jewelry hanger and two hair accessories boxes.

uhm...yes..I'm off to university now..


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