Munich part 2

October 15, 2013

Hello lovelies,

at home I never find time to update my blog and this is why I post my pictures again from work.
Part two is about my visit to Blutenburg and Schloss Lustheim in Oberschleißheim. It was totally worth all the waiting and the bad German infrastructure.Okay, I have to explain that.
In Vienna, Buses come regularly every 5-10minutes, trams every 4-7minutes and the metro every 3-5minutes. On Friday and Saturday nights the public transportation go 24h straight, even though you have to wait about half an hour for them after 1 oder 2am. They are clean (if people don't leave their free newspaper on the seats) and the price for a yearly ticket, which is 356€ is fantastic. Single tickets are way more expensive of course. And this is why I am spoiled when it comes to public transportation.
Now, every time I got to a German city I curse about the damn transportation. Buses don't go to a location on Sunday, you have to wait for a damn tram about 20minutes and yes, they don't operate 24h. Sometimes busses only go once and hour or twice if you are lucky...
Ah, yes, my rant which has absolutely nothing to do with my story, only that it took me AGES to get from point A to point B.

on the second day I went to Blutenburg, I really tiny castle with only a few houses and a church.
But it was quite lovely.

There was a small lake in front of the castle and a memorial.

 Ger: Hier führten in den letzten Kriegstagen im April 1945 der Leidensweg der Häftlinge aus dem Konzentrationslager Dachau vorbei ins ungewisse.
Eng: Here the Dachau concentration camp prisoners' way of suffering went past into an uncertain destiny, during the last days of war, in April, 1945.

After Blutenburg I went to Schloss Lustheim. The whole area was just enormous. There was huge garden, stretching out even wider than I walked, fountains and lots of flowers. There were even three building complex and I visited all three of them.

In the first building there was a history exhibition about Prussia. I have to admint, I photographed every written text and most of the clothes they exhibited. I especially love this one bonnet...but I anyway have a soft spot for bonnets :)

The second building was quite empty but  the architecture inside was just amazing.

The third building was smaller than the first two and they exhibited a huge collection of porcelain. Not really my area.......|D

I didn't do much on the last day. I just visited Neotokyo, went to a cupcake store.
The cupcakes looked so delicious, I had to try them. Saddly, when I first found the shop it was on monday and that's their day off.
but I came back on Wednesday. The price was okay but maybe a bit more expensive than normal German food.
I ordered this beautiful raspberry cupcake but I have to say, it looked better than it tasted. The cream was very buttery and the cakepart was bland. What a shame!
You can find the shop here:
Utzschneiderstrasse 12
80469, München
Tuesday – Sunday
11:00 – 18:00 Uhr

I have a wonderful time. Thank you to Zen, who let me stay at her place the whole time <3 p="">
Aurîs Lothol

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