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December 01, 2013

Hello lovelies,

this weekend was so nice! Two friends from Germany came over to visit and even though we didn't manage to do everything we wanted, we still did a lot. On Saturday we went to the UNO Bazar then to Si's birthday party. It was held in an Australian Pub and they  even sold "Australian specialties" like kangaroo burger or grilled grashoppers. And today were two different fotoshootings, fem teen wolf and tiger and bunny. After that we all went to a running sushi but the food was not very good. I don't think I'll eat there again.

As you all may know, I will move flat again (it will be the fourth flat in four years) and I think, the first thing I will install is a big mirror. I hate not having full body picture but only selfies of my hair and make-up.

I should have put the ribbon right in between the halfwig and my hair OTL. At least, now I know better...But I like the hairstyle and the curls I made.
I wore my innocent world dress but w/o a petticoat because it didn't fit under my thick winter coat. Therefore I didn't know how to tag the pictures on tumblr. Casual Hime Lolita? But it's actually also very casual gyaru and more hime kaji?! Casual Hime kaji? Casual Lolita?

Today's look was less gyaru and more...normal? XD.

My bangs never look straight. Never ever ever. Grrrr. I bought that flowers in Primark! I also bought them in black.
Sorry for the weird angles XD!

Si had his Polaroid camera with him and we took some pictures.
X-large for a better view. Yvy has a very naughty sparkle in her eyes, Zen looks like a burlesque dancer and I look like a real life sex doll. Yeah, we had a lot of fun with the pictures...


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2 Kommentare

  1. du ziehst schon zum 4. mal in 4 jahren um? das is ja ur anstrengend.-. wieso tust du dir das an.-. ich könnte ohne großem spiegel nimmer leben XDD ich brauch den. ich hoffe, du findest auch einen schönen:3
    bist hübch wie immer:3 freu mich schon auf deine outfit fotos dann xD

    1. ja!! anstrengend und teuer ~_~. Aber ich hab leider keine andere Wahl ;_;
      Danke! Ich hab einen vom Möbelix im Auge, der ist voll hübsch aber leider reicht mir die breite nicht aus |D
      danke sehr!
      Ich wollte btw schon zweimal unter deinen einträgen kommentieren, aber dafür muss ich mich immer irgendwie registrieren? oder so? Das fand ich seltsam, deswegen habe ich es gelassen ;_;