finished corset

January 28, 2014

Hello lovelies,

I am finally finished with the corset. I took my time because I to study very hard for my exams. All the eyelets are hand-stitched.

I used the pattern from Italian Renaissance costume construction. Although I have to say, I may have tailored it a tiny bit too big. Even though I made it smaller three days. Oh well, never mind. At least it binds my breasts. But it presses into my sides very hard...I may have made it a big too long too.
Never mind though, it's an undergarment. Nobody will see it anyway. :)

Bad selfie. I couldn't tie the corset at the back but I will have helpers to get ready with my costume when it's show time.. XD All in all, I am very flat!
And only a bit more than one month left, uwah! Time, were are you?

Auris Lothol

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