Peignoir part 2

March 31, 2014

Hello lovelies,

I didn't forget about my Peignoir project! I was just so busy with my moving and then find space in the much too small room that I couldn't sew at all. But then yesterday I got my new sewing feet and decided to continue the peignoir today. That, and because my room is still such a damn mess that I needed something to calm myself down...

Look at them! I got them very cheap on ebay and they work perfectly. I used the gathering and the 1/8 hemmer foot.

This cutey is the 1/8 get a lovely and very thin seam:

The seam is a bit wobbly because I was very, very sloppy with cutting the fabric...

The next thing I did was sewing on the sleeves.

I had a hard time taking a picture of my arm. The sleeve goes under my elbow and is super puffy. Although the picture really doesn't give it credit.

Then, with the gathering foot, I attached my frills to the peignoir, without ruffling it first! Do you even know how much time and nerves I saved with this cute babe??

 And this is where I stop for today...
I have to cut out new frills...the three meter frills were eaten by this peignoir already...
then sew the cuffs, do something with the the front...and I am finished.. XD

See another detail shot of the ruffs :3

and now my bed and university tomorrow are calling...!
Good night!
There will be a peignoir tutorial at the end of the sessions :3


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