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May 12, 2014

Hello lovelies,

sorry for the long absence. I had an exam last Friday and was busy studying. Plus last weekend I was in Munich sightseeing with friends.
So today was the first sewing day after 2 weeks again and I made a huge progress with my top of the Sakizou cosplay.

I bought a stitching foot for my sewing machine. It's very tricky at first because you have to watch out not to accidentally touch the outer metal with your needle (I ruined two needles OTL). As for thread tension, I had to use +3. And never forget a stitching frame! Without it, stitching will be useless. Trust me! I tried.
In my opinion, sewing like that can turn out really nice. But it really is like painting with your computer mouse in paint. No kidding.

See that? Looks good if you don't look closely XD!
Oh, and hint number two, always try to get your whole fabric in your stitching frame. I made my pattern too close to the edge and I had to push and pull all the time.

And that's the first fitting while holding the pieces at the back together with my fingers and thus creating some wrinkles. But this is only half of the top! I am currently working on the top part :)!



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