Progress or not and shopping, hell yes.

June 25, 2014

Hello lovelies,

I finally did my presentation two days ago and now have time to finish my cosplay after work. Maybe. I don't think I will get it finished on time but it doesn't stress me out that much because I'd be glad not to bring it with me and get it all crampled. It is quite heavy too! I don't really have progress picture but I finally got a worn picture. Please ignore my face as I was exhausted after work yesterday:

It is suuuuper pooooffy and my boobs come out really nicely even though I am not wearing my extra push up bra xD.
And I finally got my shoes. I decided to get them in the same colour of the rest of the cosplay although they appear to be more  pale pink in the pictures. But all I got in the stores was bright pink. ugh.
Things missing to do:
stockings and hand stocking
finish the saddle ( I need leather glue..?)

Last Saturday I had to get out of the house because my room drove me up the wall. It's much too small for my things and even though I already stored 3 huge parcel of books at a friend's place, it is still too crowded.
I tried a darker tone with my outfit and I look a bit sad on the close up bit but I also didn't feel all too well when I made that picture.
This is the only picture, the only one, were one can see my contouring. Srsly, I do contouring for most of my outfits but most of the time, due to filters or bad/good light, you can't see anything at all.
At least I felt much better when I sat down in a bar and continued doing my presentation. I had three Strawberry daiquiries and a cup of sweet coffee but I managed to do more than at home..
Proof :D! Although I have to admit I made Spider Solitair breaks every half an hour :P

Monday was my last day at university. No exams this semester, only one presentation and a paper due September. In October I will also start university with all the exams I missed due to my bad time management.
I really like my university. It's so beautiful!

That was my outfit for my presentation. I like the dress so muc because it has this greek-goddess feeling. I only forgot my false lashes at home. Meh.

After four fashion days are always three days of work were I look like a exhausted secretary. No ootd pictures on these days...
but I finally got stuff...:D! I bought two dresses, one Jesus Diamante and one from Liz Lisa, a JD Headbow and a sweater and tanktop set, also from JD.

 Liz lisa dress plus details!

I just got them at work so I do not have proper pictures. But I got the pictures from the seller Butikku

The tanktop
the cardigan (and bow)

I'll probably wear this dress for Made in Japan this week and finally to a puffy hime gyaru hair do too. 

I will leave for Paris on the second of July and will return on the 9th. I am planning to do a Vlog...maybe. :)

Auris Lothol

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