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June 18, 2014

Hello lovelies,

I am, as you maybe know, studying history and at the moment I am really busy working for my oral presentation about "Friedrich der Große" in Prussia and his court. I read a lot of diaries from people who wrote about him and his court and it inspired me a bit to also write more about my personal life. Not that personal though, you will not find nude pictures or sex stories but personal stories set in this historical time. Because I hope that Internet diaries or written blogs will be a source for the future generation.
And this will get a bit long now :D!

Last Friday I had a free day and went on a long shopping spree. I bought a lot of sewing material, gold and black pearls and red leather. I spent too much money but I that's cosplay. And that's one of the reasons I am working my butt off. work for --> money for--> living, food, clothes & cosplay
I currently like pony tails a lot so I wore them with a pink and white outfit. And when I looked into the mirror I felt like Barbie..

Sorry for the bad lift picture but although I do not lack mirrors in my room, it is impossible to take a picture in my room.
Skirt is from a brandless shop in Korea, Bag is from Liz Lisa, hair ribbon is from Primark and the blouse is from C&A. My wardrobe is very international and I sometimes get bad conscience when I think of the poor people who do the fabric and then sew my clothes.

Then on Saturday I went to the Regenbogenparade in Vienna. It's the biggest LGBTQIA parade in Vienna and it was so much fun with my friends. Although the drinks were super expensive (one cocktail 0,5l was 7€ with 1€ deposit) they were also extremely good and I ordered two, a Strawberry Hugo and a Strawberry Colada.
I have read about people getting beat up on the parade by Nazis or being attacked or being detained by the police for no reason (which made me so mad when I read about that the next day) but I was so glad that nothing happened to us.
This was my outfit:
The top is from Korea again, it has sewn in cups and therefore there was no need to wear a bra. BLESS THIS SHIRT. The skirt is from ebay and I altered it a bit, the peignoir is from the US and the shoes are second hand, but originally bought in Japan. And they have tiny wings on them (which makes them automatically super cute!). Oh and the bag is from Korea too. As I said, very international again.

For lunch we went to a minus 50% Sushi and I ate Chirashi Sushi. Sushi is one of my favourite food. I can always eat raw fish, even without rice. I only need soy sauce and a lot of wasabi with it!

After the parade we wanted to go to a Club but it only opened at 10pm and therefore we went to the next gaybar to kill time and got sushi for free with our drinks! Best bar ever!! And I could eat almost all of it because the others were not hungry anymore. Bless my friends for letting me eat their food.

To enter the club we had to pay an admission fee of 4€ (cheap!) and got a free shot (vodka with Guarana? disgusting). The music was okay at first and there were not a lot of people there (as we arrived earlier to get the cheaper admission fee). As the evening dragged on the music got really bad and everybody started to smoke. And I hate smoke in clubs. I nearly couched my lungs least it felt like that. Matthias and I went home at 1a.m. and I really feel like a grandmother already. Thanks to work I always want to go to bet at 10pm already and feel super tired already.

Sunday was a lazy day with Supernatural S04 (Matthias is catching up quickly! I haven't finished S08) and a huge order or XL Burgers with fries and ice-cream. No wonder I decided to pop up at the gym on my way home to enrol again. 19,90€ per month is not bad plus they offer free training sessions. 
 I can lift 55kg with my legs but I can not lift 7kg with my hands. crazy!!

At home my computer decided to not work anymore, so I am quite computerless at the moment. Luckily I still have Matthias old netbook and even though it is veeeeeeeery slow, it at least work. And I still have to work on my presentation for next monday.

Monday was a boring university day. In the morning I got so pissed off by my room because I couldn't find my safety pants (flesh coloured tight shorts to wear under my skirts because I hate sitting on public transportation with my bare butt) and had to make a complete mess out of my room. Great. Then when I opened the door, the dog from my flatmate run out, for the second time and I had to carry him into the flat again. 
But after two and a half hours of presentations I met my sister for waffles. Food+Sister --> instant happy.

Yesterday after work, I worked from 7.30am to 4pm I met Matthias and we went out for dinner.
Delicious Burger, chicken wings and fries (Matthias ate my Salad :P)
Delicious cocktail with strawberry and amaretto. It tasted like strawberry milkshake!

Today after I finish work (9.30am to 6pm) I will try to kill two hours and then meet up with Lisa for a history party from our University.

Concerning my Sakizou - Carousel cosplay...I still got 2,5weeks left and apart from doing the shoe clips, more roses, making a huge bow for the chocker and the chocker I didn't do much. I really want to finish this cosplay for Japan Expo but I fear University will say NO.
Left to do:
find and buy shoes
style the wig
do the tail
the stocking and hand stocking
last details on the top (90% finished, yesss)
sew in the lining and the zip of the skirt (80%)

Wish me luuuck <3 p="">

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