Sewing paterns for himekaji and gyaru

September 25, 2014

Hello lovelies,

I got a few questions on tumblr about the patterns and decided to go through Mccalls pattern and look for gyaru-able patterns because the last post only had pictures but no description on where to find them. Most of them were from burdastyle but the problem is, that these were only from their German homepage. When typing the number of the pattern into the English burdastyle, they didn't show anything.
Therefore I decided to browse through Mccall's patterns and present some gyaru-ish or gyaru inspired pattern. Never forget, the fabric, lace, pearls and details make them gyaruish :)!


Number: M6833
Easy Pattern
Top right and bottom left are perfect, pattern wise...

Number: M6836
Easy Pattern
Variations: Make the skirt piece very short and you get a cute top

Number: M6956
no status, but it should be an easy pattern too


Number: M6442
Easy pattern
All three are super cute. Imagine them in a white fluffy fabric with lace, and pearls on the colllar. I especially like the last one, number C.


Number: M6756
Easy pattern
The first pattern is a uper cute and easy lace pants.


Number: M6706
Easy Pattern
Super easy, super quick skirts. Add more frills, lace, fake roses etc and they'll be perfect.


Number: M6467
Easy Pattern
If you don't like them to be that wide or flowing, take away a few cm off your pattern.

Number: M6648
Easy Pattern
If you don't like the sleeves, reduce the armhole and the width of the sleeve pattern. But the peter pan collar with ribbon is just too cute.


Number: M6809
Easy pattern
Bootwraps! Make them out of fake fur!

Number M3033
Easy pattern
A wrap, bolero and other cute ideas to keep you warm. I especially like the ones in the top.
Happy sewing!

Auris Lothol

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