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October 02, 2014

Hello lovelies,

this year I started to crochet very early. Usually I start in November but I think, that crocheting is much more relaxing for me than 2h gym. And I did both yesterday...

More than a year ago I made a huge order from Nehelenia pattern and I really did want to sew a lot this summer but I simply couldn't. My workspace in this flat is only about 50cmx50cm which is not enough to draw nor cut out huge patterns. Yesterday I browsed through my pattern collection again because I wanted to order something from Nehelenia patterns again, and I stumbled over a 1920s intimacies pattern.



I decided to do the slip dress but then I found the cutest lace tutorial and decided to do a pre-mock-up with the materials I had at home..

This is the finished pattern. You can faintly see that it's actually a rose. But with my sewing needle and the wrong thread it doesn't look that good. So I guess on Tuesday I will go and get the correct needle (0,8 or 1mm) and the right thread (size 20).
I also, once again, found out that I am much better in reading the sketches than in written down instructions Eg (ch2, sk sp, DC)4 times.....--> wth..

Have a nice week,

I'll be in Hannover this weekend and go to Nicon with a German friend. Hooray.


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