Sewing a collar

October 18, 2014

Hello lovelies,

I am not dead yet. University started and kept me quite busy. I still have to work regularly three times a week too so no real sewing projects are on
The only thing I did to keep my mind and fingers busy was a kind of morikei styled collar.

The cut out collar with two corcheted flowers and a heart.

Everything sewn together, cut in the edges and turned around.

I added a closing and pinned on the flowers. There will still be stuff added because it's so plain but I kind of lost the motivation for that...? I'll add some more flowers and lace when my muse kisses me again but for the moment, she is in a deep winter sleep already...
The collar is also a bit very white and I played with the thought of pouring black tea over it to get a nice brownish-faded tone but...well, it's only a thought. :)


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