Shopping day

November 19, 2014

Hey lovelies,

I still don't have any new projects nor do I have the feeling of ever finishing one of my old ones. Partly due to the excessive amount of university and work. But I still find time to go shopping....

Matthias is always carrying my bags...!

The shopping tour was actually not planned. I had planned to go to the Stock sale of Goldstück, which I did, and to buy something there, which I didn't. I fell in love with this dress in the picture, and it did fit me but it was too long...It was past my knees and with these dresses, I always look smaller than I am. Mehh...
Looook, isn't it nice?

After that I met Matthias and we went to our favourite Vietnamese Restaurant "Pho Cho Lon" in Vienna.

It was so much, I couldn't eat up and I can eat a loooot of food.

Afterwards I went to meet my friend T, who works at Tiger, a brand new shop in Vienna. The store has a lot of items, even though the shop was not that big. And the prices were fantastic.

It's located at the Ubahnstation Keplerplatz, just at the exit.

And the shop has everything, reading glasses, socks, paper tissues, tape, a mona lisa portrait, tiaras, spices, drinks, accessories, and so on.

This is what I bought:
The chocolate milk was only 1€!

All in all...I loved it!

I also got to go to Orsay and I bought a new Bolero...

I love the butterfly trimming!

After that, Matthias and I went to the pure living bakery. One of my favourite cafés in Vienna.
Aren't we super cute? I mean, look at my eyelashes!!! XD

I got the chocolate-cherry cake and matthias got the cream and chocolate...I brownie was hiding underneath!

Silly picture with a moustache! Very manly Matthias

The pure living bakery has great cakes, pies, cookies, brownies and in summer even ice-cream. If you go there in summer, try the american styled ice-cream. It's heavenly. As for drinks, I liked my chai vanilla with almond milk but they don't sell almond milk anymore because it was too sweet. Puuuuh. I liked my diabetes in the glass. The furniture is a mix of vintage and shabby chic. I really like to sit there and study or meet friends.

This is the summary of my life. No srsly. I once worked in an ice-cream shop and I could live off ice-cream...!

Afterwards, yes the day continues, we went to the christmas market which was right around the corner at Spittelberg. This is one of my favourite markets too, because it is not as kitschy as at Rathausplatz. It is also the most expensive christmas market and a tourist overload. So go to Spittelberg! It's goood!
We drank a delicious apple-cinnamon punch (3,2€ per glass plus 2€ deposit).

Matthias then went home and I met Tanja and Michi again and we went to the same christmas market. We ate a big, hot potato with corn, ham and cheese and a yogurt sauce (For 5€). It was very good but we had to wait 20min for the potatoes...

Tanja and me at the market. My bangs never do what I want...

After coming home I decided to quit my crochet project because I didn't like how it looked. But I really wanted to have that collar so I decided to start again, but with a hook that was 0,5 smaller than the other one. I know I am crazy...but look at the different sizes I have..
I have 1,00/1,50/2,00/2,50/3,00/7,00
I started the first one with a 1,50 and then gave up. Then crocheting with a 1,00 was so much better.

You can really see the pattern now!

I really hope to finish soon but I have an exam tomorrow plus another one next Friday and I can't really think about crocheting now. Ugh. Wish me luck for my exams!

Yesterday I got a package from Hosi, the Homosexual Initiative in Austria because I decided to become a member. It was full with stickers and brochures and informations. That was so nice! I even
got a rainbow pin, hooray!
My favourite stickers says (in German): Your therapist or psychologists can help stop your Homophobia.
Although I'd love a sticker with: It's not Homophobia because you are not afraid of Homosexuals. You are an Idiot.

Only 37 days until Japan!!! So excited!


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