New and first Project in 2015

December 10, 2014

Hello lovelies,

no real update on anything sewing or cosplay related but I decided on a new project. This first project in 2015 will be a 1450s~1470s Burgundian court dress. During that time, Burgund was the court in Europe and everyone tried to follow their fashion.
For more information, this is an excellent paper: Burgundian Costume By Lady Lyonnete Vibert (Marie Vibbert)

This is how the medieval dresses were layered:

The Gown
I also want a red gown, with the above look: A dress with V shaped neckline and a long trail at the back. The trimming will be made out of black or gray fake fur.

As for the kirtle, it will be green/silver, as seen on the picture above. I also want to use the wide belt shown on that picture. The first picture of the belt was too small for my taste.

My plaket should be black too. Bright colours were very popular. 

 As for the jewelry, I don't know yet. I still have to search for a nice necklace, but I really do like this necklace depicted in the picture. 

I will go for a Hennin (Those conical hats).
Very good ressource for more infos on medieval headdresses:
And this is a hennin tutorial and how you pin it to your head: How to wear a hennin 

I definitely won't do them myself.  But I have yet a vendor to find who provides shoes for my tiny size 35/36 feet. Any suggestions are appreciated! :)

I have some fabric in mind already. They are from a czech shop called Sartor and they have amazing prices. And pretty all of the reviews are good, so I will definitely order my fabric at their shop.
For the gown I will probably have this fabric when its available again.
red fabric with golden ornaments
I really can't find another good vendor (in Europe |D). Suggestions?

and last but not least,

a very good ressource for medieval fabric and colour is Communitas Monacensis (German only)

All the best,


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