Day 4 and 5

January 13, 2015

Hello lovelies,

we decided to start day 4 very slow. Got ready, ate breakfast and watched Japanese TV. (VERY WEIRD)

Finally a good picture of me and my hair extensions :)!
 There was even time for some selfies before meeting a friend of mine, who was in Japan too, in  Shimokitazawa. Another friend, from Germany, gave me the hint to try and search for good clothes there because they'd be cheap but also from big brands.
So we met at 12 o'clock and just went around the area because we thought we'd anyway fall into shops left and right.
Well, most of them were closed at 12 and didn't open before 1 or 2pm. That was just bad luck.
We only found two shops which were opened and one was the grand bazar...

The shop from the outside
 It's a second hand shop but I did find some brand stuff too. I bought a Liz lisa cardigan and an olive des olive dress.
 To kill some time we went for lunch in a very good Thai-Japanese restaurant were we had Thai curry. Nooom nom. It was very delicious.
We went to the north and south gate but to be honest, the north gate was much better and even had a kind of shopping street. And on that street there was a wonder Rocket! I loved the clothes!
We got stuck in a shop were we stayed more that one hour because my friends wanted to try on all the clothes. But all three of us bought a lot in the end. I already felt so sorry for the shopkeeper who finally tried to ignore us.

At the end of the day we came home packed (again.)

And my friend was right, there were a lot of brand clothes in those shops (especially in the grand bazaar) and I found cheap secret honey blouses (even from this season's collection), olive des olives and even one Liz Lisa sweater.

Wonder Rocket haul:
 A red dress with lace, a clutch with a very cute tea and teacup print and a blouse in creme.

This is the stuff from the Grand Bazaar:
Top, left to right: a lace cloak, to sweaters with lace in ecru
bottom, left to right: the liz lisa cardigan with huge sleeves, the olive des olive dress in black and then three stocking in white, blue and green.

From the nameless but amazing shop somewhere in Shimokitazawa
Top, left to right: A cute dress in brownish pink, another dress in pink, a blouse which was actually by secret Honey!, a blazer in blue with lace, and a lace skirt
Bottom, left to right: A navy blue dress with sewn-in blouse, a tulle skirt with blue stripes

There was another nameless shop where I bought only a sweater


Finally the last day in the year 2014. Bibi and I went to OIOI in Shinjuku and Studio Alta and Closet child and needless to say, that we bought so much again.

Those are all mine.You know how funny it was riding the metro with all that. Not ;-;

First we were in Closet child.

 I bought three dresses from Jesus Diamante, one pair of black shoes also from Jesus Diamante, one Meta dress, one Baby dress and a blouse from Angelic Pretty and a hairbow from Btssb. (I forgot to take pictures...)
the left is Meta, the right is Baby

Three JD dresses

JD shoes in black

Angelic Pretty bag

Socks by Jane Marple and the rest are accessoires

 Afterwards went to Studio alta and bought some cute things at swimmer and Liz Lisa.
The swimmer shop. I loved every single item!
Liz lisa had a super good sale, two dresses for 10.000 so I bought a dress from the new collection and then two for 10.000 (plus taxes) and a pair of super cute gloves. Princess gloves.
The one in the middle was from their newest collection

We continued to MaruiOI and went straight up to the lolita floor. Bibi bought a wonderful dress in the Baby store and I bought the meta lucky pack and another one from queenbee plus an angelic pretty dress which was on sale for -50%. A super good deal!
That was in my Meta Lucky pack. A blouse with 3/4 sleeves and a huge removable collar. A blue striped skirt with a food print. Yellow socks with white print, a Meta bag, a lace ribbon pin and a pink head bow. Definitely not what they showed in their preview. 

I forgot to take pictures of the queenbee lucky pack but I got two pair of shoes in M (one could choose the size) in grey (yey) and green (nay), two pair of socks and three different shoe ribbons in red, green and white.

And this is the dress I bought from Angelic Pretty. It's a dream in lavender.

Here to pictures from the Baby store as I waited for Bibi (again |D)

Needless to say that we returned to our hotel, packed like donkeys on the road and tired as hell. No srsly, they were so heavy that I weighed them in our hotel and all together were nearly 10kg!!!

But hey, it was new years eve so sadly we left our hotel room again to meet two of my friends from Vienna who are currently living in Tokyo.
We went for shabu-shabu, which was delicious and then for a one hour karaoke. I think our fox song interpretation was loud and very wrong but hilarious. I also sang "I kissed a girl" by Katy perry and "a dream is a wish your heart makes" from the Cinderella OST. I had a very good time.
At quarter past eleven we left the karaoke shop and went to the shibuya crossing which was closed. so we followed all the other people to the next open intersection two streets behind the crossing. It was already packed with people who were loud and pushing. Some men decided it would be funny to climb lamp posts or the mc donalds roof. So weird. And there were policemen everywhere trying to get them down again.
I think we missed the actual new year beginning because we didn't look at our watches. Also everyone was pushing or throwing up bottles or beer or whatever.
So when people started screaming and yelling happy new year we kinda though, ah, now it's 2015.

Then we were like, Happy new year everyone... let's go. And we did. But on our way there were so many Japanese and Westerners who wanted to hug us and wish us a happy new year. That was super weird. I evaded all the hugs and even hurt my back a bit when I made those funny, nope no hugging evading dance to the side. One man even kneeled in front of me and said something in Japanese which made my two friends laugh out. They translated, that he called me princess and wanted to marry me.
I was so glad to get home and in my bed because on the first we planned to go to Laforet. Tadam! *inserts super dramatic music*


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