February 02, 2015

Hello lovelies,
I went to the Regenbogenball (rainbowball, a ball for the lgbtqia+ community) this weekend. 
I haven't been there for over 5 years but then my friends and i got cards when Alexander Rybak was announced as a special guest. I really like his happy pop music, but he cancelled the concert shortly before the event. That was really disappointing. Instead of playing in Austria, he ignored their contract and did a concert in Russia instead. What? Why? Super disappointing.

The ball was held in beautiful hotel near schloss schönbrunn and had a lot of beautiful pictures on the wall and great chandeliers. 

The ballroom

We watched the opening ceremony with an incredible talented ballerino, who is Austrian but works in the Us. Another great performance was from Schuh schuh, who danced to a short Eurovision song contest medley. They had silly yellow afros and their partners had white elvis wigs and looked quite ridiculous, but that was the point.
Afterwards we drank and danced too and Matthias managed to step on my foot only once. Yeeeeey.
At midnight there was a special guest, instead of Alexander rybak. Alison Jiear sang instead of him and her voice was super amazing, even though the microphone was a bit too quiet at first and one could not hear her over the music. But it got louder and after she sang "it's raining men" the whole hall was dancing and singing.
I hate beer but it was the cheapest drink with the most value. Nevertheless it was 4,50€ for 300ml. Meeeeh. But a white wine with sparkling water was 4,70 for 250 ml. Pfffhhh. Neverrrrr.
We also made the mistake and ate a bit because we were starving. It was 6,50 for two sausages, bread and mustard. Yikes.

My outfit was a jesus diamante dress and bag. The shoes were from dreamv. 
I decided against a crown or flower in my hair because my updo was already huge!

Look at that! My hairdresser is great and mad! 
 It was very dark but not too dark for a selfie plus filters! Harhar!

All in all, it was a fun and expensive night.

Auris Lothol

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  1. Wow, all of the stuff you got there was really expensive! But of well that's the thing with balls in general.
    The two of you looked lovely anyways! :)

    By the way, I nominated you for the 'Liebster Blog Award' and I would be glad if you'd like to participate!

    Many greetings!