Birthday party 2015

March 23, 2015

Hello lovelies,

Last Saturday was my birthday and housewarming party and so many people showed up. The whole living room was full of people. That was so amazing.
I bought Sushi for 60€ and the same amount of alcohol but apart from the beer, which is gone, I still have a lit of liqueur and rum left.

I also made bowle, at the top right, and everybody loved it. Yeeeey!

But before the party even started, I went to the hairdresser because my natural hair colour was already showing and my bangs were way to long....

The colour is lighter and it is a more natural blonde. I really like it a lot. My hairdresser is a genius...but then I also paid 50€ more than I usually do. Yiiiikes.

For the party, I wore my Jesus Diamante dress again..
I really, really love the dress and I always feel like a princess. The necklace is from Metamorphose.

I took some selfies with some of my friends but I forgot to do it with everyone. Such a shame!

That's my sister! She has a wonderful food blog.

T. and I were roommates for a few years. I really miss her and our alcohol sessions. Also..she bakes amazing cupcakes. And her lemon frosting is the best.

 And then with Plü and Ryo. We try to see each other at least once a month but it's very difficult. I want to dress up with princess plü agaaaaaiiin!

I got so many presents, the whole table was full. Thank you so much! I never expected that ;O;!
 I got six different kind of teas (*Q*), the sherlock DVD, Frozen, a toaster, pillows, books, chocolate, amazon voucher etc. THIS IS SO AMAZING.

My friend Zen came from Germany to attend my and a friends birthday party, which took place on Friday, and she stayed until Monday, so on Sunday, we had a wonderful and lazy day. I ate the rest of the sushi from Saturday for breakfast, we had Burger for lunch and pizza for dinner. No wonder I gain weight with all that unhealthy food...
We made plans for our next trip to Munich (probably end of July) and cosplay.

Have a good week,


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