Bring and Buy

April 30, 2015

Hello lovelies,

as mentioned in my sales post before, there was a wonderful bring and buy in Vienna last weekend. It was organised by GLAM (Gothic lolita Austria Mitglieder (members)) and they did a fantastic job.
They collaborated with a local gothic sales flea market and got a small space for their bring and buy.
All the pictures belong to the mistress of the lolita goes bad blog.

The event started at 12 and it was so packed already after half an hour. And more stuff came in by the minute. It was really, really packed.
Also, there was a seperate room where you could try on the clothes first before buying them. 

The light was a bit weird.

Bags and shoes had their own table and both were also really packed. There was also a separate table for blouses and shirts.

(I kinda photo bombed in two pictures, this and the bottom picture..find me!)

The organisers and helpers of the bring and buy. The card system worked out perfectly and the selling fee was only 1€.

The accessories table and me photo bombing again on the right. I loved my hair that day.

Saddly, I didn't sell a lot so all in all, I only made a plus of 21€ with selling three of my dresses. It would have been 45 but minus the 24€ fee, my win span was very reduced.
But, I found a cute little bag, and I bought it for 20€. So all that was left from that day was 1€. Haha.
 Loooook at that cute baby. Isn't it rad?

So, my outfit of the day consisted of a secret honey dress, from the Disney princess collection, and a blouse from the same brand from the frozen collection.

I had to look up or else my face would have been in a complete shadow. Also, the princesses are not really visible but they are near the hem of the dress. Blue is cinderella, yellow is belle, purple is rapunzel and the green/red is Arielle.

Have a nice weekend!

Aurîs Lothol

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