Made in Japan Saturday

July 06, 2015

Hello lovelies,

last weekend was made in Japan in Wiener Neustadt and like every year, it was super hot and humid.
Patrick picked Ryo and me up and we drove there in under an hour. Somehow we made jokes about this being far away while for other people, two and a half hours driving is pretty close.

We didn't buy a ticket beforehand and an entrance ticket for this day was 14€ for students and 18€ for regular, working people. It was before 11am and the sun was already burning hot. We roamed around and I bought a cute little hamster for water glasses as a present for my sister. She is all crazy about her new hamster "Percy".

Patrick and I watched the panel about EVA foam with Isabelle cosplay which was very informative but I have the feeling, there is so much more to learn and those 30mins were too short.

There was a maid cafe this year and they had a really good looking special with dry ice which made huge bubbles in the liquid and left a mist on top.

But really, there was nothing else to do and we missed the Indolero tea shop, which was always part of that convention.

I wore my cross Ange Cosplay again and even though it was bellyfree, I was sweating so much under the top. So after 4h of wandering around, I got a slight headache (which got worse and didn't stop until the next day, despite me drinking water all day) and we decided to go.
I didn't meet a lot of my friends and only when we went to the exit, I found two of my friends just entering. (I think it was about 2-3pm then).

There will be better pictures once I am in Munich and I will have a photoshooting but for now, those are all the pictures I have...

more legs, more boobs, plus double chin. Yey XD'
And a selfie. tadaaaah. This was actually done for Matthias who is currently in the USA and went to Anime Expo the same days (only 9h later..XD).

After I came home, I started playing Assassin's creed revelations and to my surprise I finished it on Sunday, after less than 15h. And yes, I almost played 10h on Sunday. I am home alone and bored. Even though I wanted to clean.

Auris Lothol

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