DreamV order

August 16, 2015

Hello lovelies!

I finally got my DreamV order after it was at the Austrian tax station for ages. There were some documents missing which was annoying because there were no documents missing. I checked. They were just not sure about the price. So I had to send them all the information on the items, which was time consuming.

But nevermind, I have it!
The pictures are not that good because I just used my mobile phone camera and it was dark already, but I think they suffice.

I got two pair of shoes, the first are cheap summer shoes (because I still don't have cute ones for this year) and the other ones are perfect for my current shell and mermaid mania.

When I order japanese shoes I always order size M (I am size 36/37) and they fit perfectly or are a bit too big.

I also ordered a very ugly bolero. I love it. But it is still super ugly!

The lace is very soft and I am so happy it is not that hard, weird lace. The material is quite stretchy.

Last but not least I got a cute little bag. It is still not big enough for my university stuff but I totally forgot to measure it out. Oh well, doesn't matter. I can not have enough shoes are bags!
The bag has a cute heart stitching, lace and bows. It's perfect. I wish I could find bags like these in Austria too. I would save so much money in shipping and taxes.

All right,
that is it for today,

Have a nice weekend,


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