trash & treasure edition one

August 07, 2015

Hello lovelies,

there was a new vintage market in Vienna today called trash & treasure edition one.
It was a super hot day and the temperatures were far over 30°c but the rooms where cooler on the inside and the girls from the shop brought us cold lemon water.

There were so many beautiful things and I only had a limited budget, even though they really were on sale and therefore super cheap!
I saw a flower crown with little birds on them and fell in love but sadly, it was not in my budget.

Even thought the quality bad and the picture is blurry, you can see all the headpieces and hats they had. And the closest head has the wonderful flower crown with birds on it. I envy the person who buys it.

They also had cute rings and earrings for good prices. And the design of the items where really marvellous. My favourite were earrings with a rain cloud on a blue background. I wanted to get them for my sister but neither Matthias nor I had enough money for the extra item...

Teacups and plates etagerie! I love the idea. But okay, I am biased because I love everything which implies tea.

And those where the dresses. Each and every one of them where 100% my style but I didn't want to try them on because I knew my boobs are currently to big for those lacey dresses. The one on the far left side, is an original vintage dress but was only 50€. But lengthwise it was also a bit too long for me. I am only 155cm and would have looked even shorter.

Edita Rosenrot is the lady who created those wonderful hats. She told me that she didn't have an online shop yet, but it was sure to come. I would be delighted!
If you want to check out her work, click here.

I bought a cute little strawberry hairpin and a mermaid bracelet. All in all, 20€! It was exactly in my budget, yey me.

Close up of the details!

If you are interested, the vintage market will be held tomorrow (8th of August) and on Sunday (9th of August) too.
The full address is Blechturmgasse 23-27, 1050 Vienna.

Have a nice weekend,


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