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August 27, 2015

Hey lovelies,

time is flying so fast, this is unbelievable. And I didn't do a lot. Damn it.
But last week i got my cute lace and it is super soft and the shipping was fast too, only 2-3 weeks!
Yesterday I had a free day and I used it to work with my skirt. I was not really a 100% satisfied with the outcome when I draped the underskirt for the second time and therefore made a lot of changes and then sewed all parts together. I also managed to cut the overskirt and drape it. It falls much better than the underskirt because I made it a  bit wider than the underskirt. Plus, I didn't use all of my 12m satin fabric so I still have a bit to do cute frills or ribbons. Hell yes!
Afterwards I started doing the apron, and left the sewing of the overskirt for another day. I didn't want to drape and sew it yesterday.

The apron is made out of lace and soft tulle with cute dots on it.

 I ordered this lace via aliexpress and it was about 5€ per yard. Aliexpress has, as I found out, a lot of cute lace and I will definitely order with them again.

That was the tulle, with a cute dot design. It is even softer than the lace. I really love it. And it was about 5€ per yard too. And I still have a lot left so I think I will use it for the veil too.

As for the apron, I cut out a rectangle (and fyi do not cut along the dots. They are not symmetrical..)
It is not really straight too but that doesn't matter!

The next step is to cut out what I need from the lace. I only needed the cute bottom of the lace.
I don't know what to do witht the rest of it, the cute roses, but maybe I'll find something.

And finally, I pinned the lace to the tulle and voila. All that is left is sewing it on, then cutting again and I am finished.

You don't really sew it well, because a white skirt with a white apron is...a fantastic idea. Truly.
But it slowly wraps up and I hope to do the bodice next week, because this weekend is another con and therefore I won't have time to continue.
But I already got the green velvet and it'll look super good!

Have a nice weekend,

Auris Lothol

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