Going out in style

October 23, 2015

Hello lovelies,

it is super cold already and even though I know it will get colder, I already start to whine about it. I really hate the cold. But I had to go out today and visit the dentist and afterwards the orthopaedist.
my teeth are totally fine but from time to time there are some holes which need to be done. Luckily I am not scared of the dentist and I don't need an injection against the pain.

So this was today's coord with my new and precious little cat called Maya (or Maja in German).
Jsk: Innocent world
Shoes: Deichmann
Blouse, headbow: japanese offbrand
stocking: h & m
petticoat: classical puppets

She is still young and super active at times but also very cuddly.

The second cat we have is called Rajah. He is calmer but also super cuddly. But I can't carry him because he is too heavy for me (my arms are super weak....)

This picture is without cats now.

Also this is not the most flattering angle for me, thanks to my chubby chin, but it had to be.

I am especially proud of my hairdo. Those twists braids really look amazing (I only had very little time in the morning because I overslept...again).

This is how it looks at the front.

Matthias and I also had to take a selfie...

And this is a selfie with Maya.
Look how super fluffy she is. I want to cuddle her all day long. 

Have a nice weekend, 

Aurîs Lothol

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