New Project (Hetalia again)

October 03, 2015

Hello lovelies,

for a photo shooting with Hannerbell I decided to do another Hetalia Hungary version. This time it will be the 7 years war also known as the war of the Austrian succession.
She made France for Hantamatsuri in February and didn't do any pictures until know. It was also too hot in summer for it, so we thought, why not do a photo shooting in autumn and here we are now.

I try to be more detailed with my cosplays from now on and do a lot more pictures. A video is also planned.

This are the original pictures I got from the manga and the anime:

So, first off, I did my pattern as usual.
left to right: back, back side, front side, front

sleeve top and bottom, cuff, and collar
But to be honest, that was only the first version. I re-did it two times until I was really satisfied with the pattern. It is always a try and error, and this is why I always work with a mock up. Afterwards I, most of the time, us that as a lining. And there are always parts which are too wide or too narrow and I can fix that easily.

I used 1,5cm as seam allowance

In this particular case, I didn't know how long I wanted it too be and therefore redid the pattern two times.

This is now the front part with the front cover. I cut away the long piece at the bottom and also made it a bit longer.

This looked like that now. But I still didn't like it. It was too long.

The sides were too pointy so I fixed it a bit, as seen on the right side.

And this is with the cover, which also gets a lining of course. But then I ditched all of it again and went back shorten it.

I am still thinking about cutting a bit from the sides of the cover but I am not so sure about that yet. But I can still decide when everything is done and I am actually doing it.

Version three is the last version now. It looks super small but I am super small too. As you can see, I went back to the first version with the front part and straightened it on the sides.

This is how it will look like with the front cover. It will go down until my navel. I just have to remember to do trousers which go up to my waist.

And with that final version, I am not cutting out the pieces on the outer fabric. I didn't try on the sleeves and collar but they should fit properly.

Have a nice remaining weekend,

Auris Lothol

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