New year

January 07, 2016

Hi lovelies,

I hope you had a good new start. My shower decided not to have one. And my cats also decided it would be great to be sick. Meh. But I am still positive and I still have energy.

Today was a stay at home and do nothing really day again and I found out that I can connect my harddrive directly to my huge tv screen. After one year I found out today. But better now than never. Plus I had a super nostalgia moment as I watched a few episodes of Scrubs (in German!).

Before my physical therapy (my spine is a bit messed up) I decided to do something. I found a nice larme tutorial by Risa Nakamura and decided to try them out. She is super pretty and I like her make-up and outfits.

 I think it turned out rather well, expect maybe for the lashes and my bangs, which are both too long.

And here is a close up from my cute bunny pajama. It's from primark but I got it for christmas. Isn't it super cute?

Bunny says: hello!
Of course I also got some pictures from christmas, my sewing and new years eve but I will share them tomorrow maybe. Or on Monday.
Have a wonderful weekend,

Auris Lothol

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