Star queen headdress

January 18, 2016

Hello lovelies,

I tried to study for a very boring history exam and couldn't keep my fingers still. Therefore after more than two hours I decided to call it a day and be a bit creative.

My friend Yvy and me had plans to do self designed costume. She has a wonderful night costume and I wanted to do a Sun princess costume. The thought occurred to me after I read the Imriel books by Jaqueline Carey. But after my restlessness I wanted to do something quick and easy. I still have stars from Christmas and instead of the sun princess I am now doing a star queen.
I am still a bit unsure about the design of the dress but at least I have the headpiece ready. Yey
The headdress consists of bbq sticks cut to my desired length and plastic stars, all glued to a base.

It is not finished yet but that will be the base.
The colour will be silver and I have to repaint all of it.
The dress will be a dark blue with white/silver rhinestones.
I think it will look very good to my night partner.

Have a nice week,


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