Rosée Matinale review

February 05, 2016

Hi lovelies,

Yesterday I got my package from Yoybuy. In this parcel was my dress from Quaint lass called
Rosée Matinale. I liked that the dress came in a box because it is harder to damage than dresses just packed in plastic and sent off.

Inside the box everything was wrapped in plastic.

It included the dress, three ribbons, buttons and an overlay skirt (I didn't take a picture of that part).

The fabric is very soft and the whole dress is made out of pastel pink chiffon. I especially like the print, it is lovely. The lace is soft too and of a  good quality. Thumbs up!

The top picture is without, the bottom picture is with petticoat. The top ribbon part is detachable as are the ribbons on the sleeve.

Close up of the beautiful print.

And another close up of the top.
The dress is really well tailored and there are no stray threads.

Here are the stock pictures as comparison:

 ( I really wanted the cute hat but they don't sell it ;_;)

For the dress I paid a total amount of 153.27$.
It consisted of:
Dress: 120.82$
International shipping: 19.44$
Service fee from Yoybuy: 12.08$
Customs fee: 1.31$
Insurance (it was optional but I got one anyway): 4.62$

I have seen the same dress on my-lolita-dress  on sale for 139.99$ (plus shipping). The normal price is 159.99$

All in all, the dress is fantastic and I will definitely order from quaint lass again.
Maybe I can find another taobao forwarding service because the fee of yoybuy is a too high, but  on the other side, their costumer service was really good and fast,. 

Have a nice weekend,


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1 Kommentare

  1. Aww the dress looks very nice :3 the fabric and colour too!
    I look forward to your entire outfit~