3rd jfashion Bring & buy in Vienna

April 25, 2016

Hello lovelies,

yesterday was the 3rd Japanese fashion bring and buy in Vienna. And once again it was held at Weberknecht but this time we had all of the cellar for ourselves. There was even a "chill out zone" and I think Matthias and I sat there for a few hours.

All in all I sold two of my six items I brought there and bought four new ones.

 That's my new chiffon bonnet from Angelic pretty. I love everything chiffon, so it was perfect. I'd love to own this cutie in white too.

 The skirt is super soft and has a beautiful flower print. I think it's from Axes femme? I am currently wearing it to work and can't check..

 That cute blouse is from a Chinese shop, magic tea party. I love how frilly it is.

My auto focus had problems with the shiny plastic and therefore I couldn't really take a good picture of it. But those are tights/stockings from Grimoire.  I will probably wear them rather for cult party kei than for lolita.

It was super nice meeting all the people in the community again. I wore my swankiss style outfit for the event and it was difficult zipping me up because my boobs are still too big for tiny swankiss dresses? I think they look super squished...

 I would only recommend this dress to anyone who has boobs under 86cm..
Top and dress are from the Swankiss fukubukuro 2016. The shoes are from Jesus Diamante. I bought them 2015 at closet child.

 Selfie with Matthias as we waited for the metro. It was so, so cold that day.

And some more selfies with V. and M. My phone camera is definitely not the best, plus I have the same smile for all of my pictures... XD.

A nice posing picture and a fun picture. Much beauty. such wow.

Afterwards Matthias and I went to grab some sushi and hot soup. It was a delicious end to a good day. I really want to wear jfashion more often and small events like these give me life.

Have a nice week,


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