English tea time

April 06, 2016

Hi lovelies,

last week was not a very good week. I actually wanted to go to Animuc but my friend (and driver) got very sick and we had to cancel everything. I worked so hard on re-doing my cosplay, I was in a fould mood after that. But my friend also had to cancel the convention because of her work, so it did not turn out well for both of us.
Nevertheless, Ion is nearly done and we want to do a photoshooting soon. The only problem is the distance but I am sure we will find time to visit each other in May. Or June. Or on a long weekend.

So on Saturday I was home, cleaning and writing new CVs and in the afternoon Matthias and I went out to Little Britain. It is one of my favourite cafes in Vienna. The food is delicious, the staff is a bit slow but super nice. I was also there for my birthday. And after one month of absence we went there again and the shop owner even recognized me again!

We ate and drank so much, I was rolling out of the cafe afterwards.

 I had a huge caramel hot chocolate (yes, I am still on a diet but once a week I eat what I want..) and to be honest, it was not sweet enough so I put some more sugar in it. I have no problem with eating sugar at all and things can not be sweet enough (although japanese stuff was already hard on the limit) but give me something with only a slight bitterness and I can't eat it. 

And this was my "flammkuchen". Super tasty!

And we ordered the etagere again and stuffed ourselves with warm scones and sandwiches and cake. I can really recommend this dish if you ever plan to go to this place.

My outfit for this day was simple, at least for me, but when we left the cafe to go home, a man with a strong Viennese accent yelled "Die hot a puppn kladl on!" (She is wearing a doll's dress), which I found insanely funny. 

Jsk and Blouse: Innocent world
Petticoat: Classical Puppets
Rest: Taobao or offbrand

All the best and have a nice week,


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