July 27, 2016

Hello lovelies,

I finished my costume in time for Nippon Nation 2016. It was a very long week before the con, I can tell you. I only slept five hours to finish the costume and I normally sleep about 8hours a day (and get cranky if I get less sleep).

So, here you have the final wip and a picture of my finished costume. I only have one picture up til now :(. But when my friend S. from Germany is over, we will do an awesome foto shooting!


The crown when flat and when worn. I was not finished with it though and added even more pearls to it, but sadly I do not have a picture with the finished crown. 


It's just frills with a gold band and a green stone but I made a little special something on the back side of it; a little bow to cover the ends! I closed it with two snap fastener.


The shoes are way too small even though I ordered them in 37 instead of 36. I made a bow and added pearl details to it.

And again, I don't have a finished picture but it looks just like that, except for the top. Also, the purple and the white pieces are separately and while the purple piece has an elastic band to hold it in place, the white band is fastenend with an snap fastener again.


I sewed both parts to the top but then found out that they are not even. That meant off with one side and redoing it.

The pearl band was made with that method; one pearl between two knots. It was not easy setting them apart in exactly two centimetres.

And I did nearly the same for the strap, the only difference was that I sewed both on the same time instead of making knots.

Ah yes, the one sided ribbon band (as I called it, I have no idea what the name of this special technic is). I folded the ribbon, pinned it and then handstitched every fold. It was fun (not).

Side parts:
That was the first "draft" and I liked it. So I sprayed it with gold colour and stitched everything onto the chiffon fabric.

And that's the end result. I added flower lace and even more pearls.

And this is how it looks like:

I really like this costume and it was such a pain in the ass doing it. But I finished it.

All the best,


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