Vintage Lingerie: Camisole

September 25, 2016

Hello lovelies,

I started doing small projects when I was home for a few days from work after Connichi. The first project was a Vintage camisole.
I bought the Intimacies Vintage Lingerie pattern from Nehelenia Patterns a while back (in 2014) but never started actually sewing something from it. Instead I started with the crochet part. See my blog entry to this here.

This time I started with doing a camisole. I wanted matching tap pants with it but my fabric was too small. I bought the fabric in Korea and therefore had no chance to get my hands on some more. So only a camisole it was.
This was my fabric of choice. I still think it is super cute.

I cut out all the patterns and tried not to curse American patterns because they always include seam allowance. And this one had a 1/5inch or 13cm seam allowance included. Imagine my fun measuring 13cm.
In my opinion my pencils are much better to draw lines with than the chalks. I would love to get a chalk pencil but all the once I bought in Vienna are crap. :(
The bottom was folded and sewn in place. At first I didn't really know what the instruction wanted from me but and made a huge mistake. But after correcting that everything went smoothly.

 The smaller lines on the camisole are the tiny buttonholes. The fabric was too thin and therefore I added some stability with iron-on interfacing in small strips. I had to cut the strips on the picture a few times to get the size I wanted.
The buttonholes were no problem with the machine I am currently using. Sorry for the blurry picture.

 A small strip of fabric was added inside as a tunnel for my waist ribbon.

 The ribbon can be pulled to the outside with that clever place buttonhole. They are not visible once the ribbon is outside.

 I made the straps with the exact measurements of the pattern guide but they were waaaaay to big for me.
 And these were my buttons I used. Tiny flowers for a tiny flower print.
Here is what the camisole looks like now. I am still thinking about adding lace at the top but all in all I am quite satisfied.

Time needed: Over the span of 12h I made it with lots of breaks in between.
Cost: about 2,5€ for the ribbon, I had everything else.
Satisfaction: 4/5
Comfortable: 5/5

All the best,

Aurîs Lothol

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