Sightseeing with Meagan Marie

May 25, 2017

Hello lovelies,

Meagan Marie, who is an amazing Tomb Raider and Wonder woman cosplayer, came to Vienna a couple of weeks ago and Snii and I were honoured to show her the sights of the city. We took her on a more than 4h hardcore sightseeing and at the end of the day my feet were so dead.
We started off at Schloss Schönbrunn.
There we hiked up to see the Gloriette and afterwards we took the grand tour through the castle. I haven't seen the castle from the inside in a very long time but it was as beautiful as I remembered.

Our view from Gloriette
The next stop was Schloss Belvedere.

It was not really warm nor was it cold, so I really had difficulties with my outfit. One minute I  removed my trench coat just to put it on again the next. But at least the sun was out most of the time.

We went through the gardens and made some more selfies.

Look who was photo bombing us! At least she doesn't look very amused about it.
We tracked back down and went over to Schwarzenbergplatz and the to Karlskirche. Snii and Meagan went into the church and I stayed outside. The entrance fee of 8€ was too much for me.

Afterwards we went to Mariahilferstraße and Meagan and Snii went shopping. We ate an ice-cream and at this point I had to leave them.
I really hope Meagan had a great day with us!

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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