Potsdam, Berlin, and Prague

July 27, 2017

Hello lovelies,

I have been back from my travel to Germany and the Czech republic. I would love to say it was a holiday but most of the time it wasn't.
We flew to Germany where M. had his mastectomy at a private clinic in Potsdam. Afterwards we took the bus from Berlin to Prague, spent 24h in Prague and continued back to Vienna. The risk for thrombosis was too high to fly.
Apart from carrying our luggage at the second part of the travel, it was a very nice trip.

10th of July

We flew with Airberlin and had over 2,5h delay. Therefore, we didn't really do anything on our first day and just went to our hotel room and ate dinner.

11th of July
The good thing was that the clinic was just around the corner. The next day when M. was admitted to the clinic. I brought my things and slept at my friend Y. place. There really are some nice corners in Potsdam.

The clinic looked very nice from the in- and outside.
We met Y. for some burgers at Peter Pane.

 Afterwards we went shopping and I got a new pair of shoes and a new cardigan.
The last time I was in Potsdam they still had some renovations going on but this time I was able to see the new inner city.

I wore my Innocent world flora long jsk.

In the evening Y. and I went to the cinema. We watched Baywatch and I have seldom seen such a funny trashy movie in my entire life.

12th of July
The next day M. had his operation I was left to wait for hours without information. The operation took a bit longer than usual because of some complications.

I had an up do and it reminded me of a Roman domina.

13th of July
M. was still at the hospital the next day and I met him before and after my walk. He looked much better already but he was still in pain, therefore I left him to sleep some more. 
In the meantime I went to see Sansouci.

I had a half-up half down hairdo that day. The dress was so tight that I was not able to wear it with a bra.

14th of July
M. could leave the hospital the next day and we went back to Berlin with the train. It was a very strenuous ride for both of us.
Our hotel room reminded me of a Soviet Hotel with better furniture and paint. Even the lady at the reception desk didn't do much to shatter that cliché.

I left M. in the hotel room and drove to Neotokyo in Berlin. I found two magazines I was looking for, Larme and Otome no sewing. Hooray. With no plan in mind I just continued on and found out that I was in a very hipster district. There were two vintage shops and various other shops and cafes. I even stumbled upon a Katjes cafe, where I had two cupcakes and a tea.

I continued on until I was at Alexanderplatz, there I visited Primark and flying tiger. 

15th of July
The next day I was walking around alone again for most of the part. I visited Strawbetty, a vintage inspired shop and bought a book, a new bag and a new dress.
In the afternoon Y. joined me and we went to eat some delicious ramen and dessert at Cocolo.

Near Hermannplatz was a kind of market for sewing supplies and fabrics. I didn't find anything to buy except for okonomiyaki, but I was still so stuffed with ramen and therefore I had to let this chance to eat good okonomoyaki slip away.

I am wearing the gingham dress I bought at primark the day before. 

In the evening I stuffed myself with sweet popcorn and watched a documentation about fat people in Germany and how hard it was to lose weight. 

16th of July
Matthias was already very grumpy about involuntary grounding in the hotel room that he joined Y. and me for teatime on Sunday. We took the tea at the English tea house in the English garden but it was not good at all. We even think that they bought the cake.

 At least the scones were hot and good.
M. and I also ate Creme Brulee but it wasn't that good either. Boo. What a shame.

I wore my self made dress for that occasion even though it was cold and raining.
In the evening we met a friend of M. at a cafe near the hotel. The food was mediocre but the cafe was very nice to look at.

17th of July
We spent our last hour in Berlin eating at Hans im Glück. I love burgers.
We arrived in Prague after 4h and I was so happy to get out of the train because it was so stuffed with people and luggage. 
Even though we shouldn't have walked around that much we walked for about 5h and M. felt so bad afterwards. Oops. 
But Prague is a really beautiful city and we had to go and visit the inner city, walk over the Charles bridge and go up to the castle.
I bought a super cute necklace.

My eye bags were so huge that day. Haha.
The dress is from Magic tea party.

18th of July
Our train to Vienna was leaving at 3pm and we left the hotel earlier to grab some food and enjoy the day in Prague.
We ate delicious Bohemian food, I especially love dumplings.

Thanks to foursquare I found out that we were only a few meters away from Prague's best ice-cream shop. Of course we had to have ice-cream there and it was really good!

I wore a dress by magic tea party again. 
Our trip to Vienna was very quiet and I slept through most of the ride.
I really want to go back to Prague this year but let's see.

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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