Alice in Wonderland

July 24, 2017

Hello lovelies,

I am sorry for my long absence. M. had an operation in Germany and we stayed there for quite some time. A blog post about my "holiday" will follow.
But the good news is, I finished a new cosplay and that means, I have new work in progress pictures.
The titles says it all and yes it was Alice from Alice in wonderland. But I didn't do the blue Disney dress version of her but rather her original version. When the book came out in 1865 it included various pictures in black and white from Alice drawn by Sir John Tenniel. In 1911 the coloured illustrations were first published and in these pictures Alice has a yellow dress, a white apron with blue stripes and a blue head bow. Her hair is long, blond, and wavy.

I started with the basic yellow dress, the material I used for it was linen.

Here is the top part, skirt part and one sleeve.
I didn't want to use elastics and therefore I used ribbon to gather the bottom of the sleeve.

I used a big needle to pull the fabric through the material.

The skirt part came next. I tried various ways before I decided to pleat the skirt.
Somewhere between all of that came the collar, my least favourite part.

I had to redo the collar because it didn't have the correct form and, what was worse, I made it out of the wrong material and colour.
The collar even worked out better than the first time. 

In the next step I did the apron. This time I used white cotton.
I had to cut it a few times before I was happy with the result. 
The stripes were made out of blue cotton material. Ironing on a hot day with 30C° was definitely not my favourite activity.

I made a few meters of the ribbon and added it to the apron.
The bottom part of the apron is in hindsight a bit too big but there is nothing I can do about it now.


 The magic of ironing.

Next was doing the frills and adding them to the skirt.

 The skirt part has a little pocket.

And here pictures with the blue ribbon. 

Almost done with the skirt part of the apron. The last part was adding two pockets.

I sewed it onto the dress and tried not to sew on the blue part. I think it looks nicer that way.

This leaves the top part of the apron and the cosplay is done. Hooray.
The top is made out of a front and a lining. The sleeve parts are wedged in between.

Top and bottom part are joined and I am done.

I wanted to wear it for Nippon Nation 2017 in Vienna but then I got tenosynovitis in
my hand while hand sewing the collar. I had to wear a tight bandage and really couldn't move it so I decided to toss the cosplay and just wear my casual clothes.
But don't you worry, my photographer is on his way and we will do pictures asap. 

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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