A3 Afternoon Tea JSK review

October 04, 2017

Hello lovelies,

when A3 announced they would do a teacup dress I was absolutely delighted. Tea and lolita, two of my favourite things combined. How marvelous! Of course I immediately pre-ordered it, I just had to. That was back in June 2017, the dress would be finished in September 2017  but that was okay because that is a standard Taobao Lolita brand waiting time.
The dress was 48.89$ and I got the pink jsk version.

On the 13th of September I got the message that my dress was in the yoybuy warehouse and I sent it to me immediately via airmail.
Additionally to the shipping I had a few Yoybuy fees:
  • $6.48 International shipping
  • $5.56 Service Fee
  • $1.27 Customs Fee
  • $1.86 Insurance Fee
 All in all the dress was $64.05. A bargain for such a lovely dress.

I finally got the dress on the 3rd of October including the waist ties, a brooch, a postcard and a cross hair clip.

The fabric of the dress is chiffon and it was in wrinkles but that was no surprise. It had a long way from China to Europe. The colour is the same light pink as in the pictures and the print is beautiful and well made. Additionally to the elastic at the back, the dress has a zip for easy access. A huge plus for me because I always do my hair before slipping on a dress and get super annoyed if I have to pull the dress over my hair. 


 Detail pictures of the print, lace and the zip.

Price 5/5
Dress: 5/5
I would definitely buy from this brand again and I can only recommend it.
Buy the dress or look at their webshop.

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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