Hallowien Lolita tea party

October 23, 2017

Hello lovelies,

this weekend was the Haenuli lolita tea party in Vienna. The location was near a cemetery and the theme was a darker one, more gothic lolita than all of the other styles.
I tried to do a lot of pictures but the location was a bit darker than I expected and most of the pictures are dark or blurry.
The group picture was made by Greencat and it was a huge challenge. We all had to squish to fit on the picture.

The event started at 12pm for the VIP (I was not picked again :( ) and 1pm for all the regular ticket holders. The opening speech was held by Lea and Dani at 1.30pm in English and German and at the same time the Buffed was opened. I was already starving and looked forward to the food. There was a kind of mustard and salmon pastry, bread with different kind of spread and a mini Schnitzelsemmel.
The food was okay for such an event. I liked the dessert more though. They had mini slices of different kind of cakes and strudels. Too bad the picture is very blurry.

Before the fashion show I made a lot of selfies. (More blurry pictures ahead.)

Her crown could light up, it was amazing!

I made a live feed on Instagram but I forgot to save it and now it's gone. Damn. There were so many nice dresses, I really enjoyed seeing them. Maybe I'll buy a few too.

The poor photographer at the photo corner was working his butt off and the line and wait was long. But I think that the pictures will turn out great because he kept commenting on how to improve the pose. 

I got these items from the raffle:

Caramel candies, stickers, voucher, a magnet, mini painting and a rose mirror. I gave M. the two alice in wonderland items and the witchy painting because he loved them. The caramel toffee is very delicious. Yuum.

Everyone received a goodie bag, the standard bag was white, the vip bag was black.
There were a lot of flyers in them but also goodies.
 There was a black Haenuli folder, postcards, a fashion book and Haenuli's diary, which is a compilation of short comics with Nunu as a duck. It is suuuuper cute.

I actually wanted to wear gloves to the outfit but I completely forgot. Thank god there was a ring which matched my outfit in my goodie bag.

That day I wore my dress from Abyss museum with a black chiffon over skirt, which I made myself. The shoes were also decorated and painted and the rest was offbrand.

A huge thanks to our organizers, the event was wonderful.

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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