Lolita shoes upcycling

November 07, 2017

Hello lovelies,

do you remember the shoes I wore for the lolita tea party?

They were actually upcycled from a pair of really old and worn shoes.

 The first step was to remove the huge flower on the side. I didn't want it to be on tthe finished shoe so I threw it away.

Next I rubbed the shoe clean with Morello solvent. The product hat a very pungent smell therefore  I would advise to keep the window opened if you work with it. The product also dries super quick so always put on one brush stroke and then immediately rub it off with a tissue (or something similar). I was not fast enough and the paper tissue stuck to the shoe a lot. I would also not recomment using paper tissues, instead use old cloth/fabric which can be disposed after the project is done.

Next I used the Morello gold color for leather. The colour was completly new to me and I didn't really expect the nice results.

The gold glittered beautifully! I was in glitter heaven.

I only had to coat the shoes once because the colour was so intense and covered so well.10/10 for Morello colours and would recommend.

The shoes looked good already but not yet like proper lolita shoes. My next step was to add pearls and I made a metal chain with gold and white pearls.

I punched a hole into the shoe with an awl and fiddled a ring through the hole. Afterwards I attached the chain on the ring.
The shoes definitely look more like lolita shoes. But I was still not satisfied.
My plan called for a black glitter heel but I couldn't find black glitter anywhere in Vienna and of course it was too late to order some. Meh. This is the reason I used gold glitter instead....
I covered the heel with craft glue. No idea if the glitter will really stay on the shoe but it survived one tea party so I guess it will?

These ear clips were bought ages ago and I never found use for them, until now.
I removed the back clip gently and then glued it to where the flower was.

Almost done and only one more step left. The final decoration was a lace ribbon shoe clip with more glitter and pearls.
The inner body consists of three layers UV resin with gold glitter. Then I attached half pearls to them.

I made a bow out of black lace, attached the lace to a shoe clip and then glued everything to the glittery brooch. Easy!

Here is how the finished shoes look in close-up.

How do you like the shoes?

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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4 Kommentare

  1. Great work on the shoes, they look beautiful!

  2. This tutorial was SUPER useful! I've plans on customising shoes for the next big tea party I'm going to, but while I found one semi-useful tutorial, yours sounds a lot easier to follow and you got some amazing results. Those shoes are absolutely gorgeous! Now all I need to do is scour the charity shops for a good pair of shoes I could use and check where do I get Morello stuff from in the UK. :D

    1. I am very happy I could help. I too couldn't find a lot of useful tutorials, therefore I decided to write one myself.
      I found Morello on so maybe it's on too? Good luck!