Summer dress

February 18, 2018

Hello lovelies,

summer is my favourite season and every cold winter I yearn for a hot day. I live in a very old flat and temperatures rarely go over 20C°. I only survive because I wrap myself into two blankets and look and live like a burrito.
Nearly all of my clothes are made for summer and this dress is no different.

I found the fabric in local Viennese store called Textil Müller, most of the time they offer fabrics which are one of a kind and thus are not restocked, therefore I had to buy a few meters.

I really liked the floral border and actually intended to only make a skirt.

I used the pattern from a dress I already made. It is from Otome no sewing book number 1. I cut it two time, lining and fabric.
The zip was planned to go on the left side of the garment, therefore the dress was closed on all sides except for this.
I then did the skirt, pleated it and fixed it in small running stitches.

Afterwards I mounted it on my sewing doll but didn't really like how the top looked. The pleats and skirt part were okay and were not changed.

I cut away all the shoulder part and instead made straps to form a neck holder top.

This made it look much more open and ready for a hot summer.
I sewed the lining to the lining skirt, the fabric to the fabric skirt, cut away all the excess sewing allowance because it was very visible, added a zip and it was done.

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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