Animuc convention in Germany

April 18, 2018

Hello lovelies,

this year I attended Animuc again, a medium-sized convention located in Munich, Germany.
A few years ago I attended almost every convention in Austria and the bigger ones in Germany but I gave up due to lack of interest for anime and cosplay. I reduced my convention year to one to three in Germany and only one in Austria. I especially like Animuc though because friends of mine are living near Munich and M. and I are always allowed to stay over at their place. After the convention we go to a burger place and have some delicious burger and drinks.
This year M and I went to Munich on Friday by train and not with the bus as it was only a bit more expensive and we both prefer the train.

 We had a lot of fun on the train! We took the Westbahn from Wien Westbahnhof to Salzburg and had to change train there. It took us about 4,5h.

Throughout last year and this year I worked on a Belle costume from Beauty and the beast which was my interpretation of a 18th century middle-class woman who doesn't really have to work and has plenty of time to read. I wore my dress on Saturday but only one person recognised my costume and that only because of my chip cup. Oh well.

 I will still write a complete post on how I did Belle.

 No idea why my lips look so pink on this selfie.

Selfie time! My breasts are almost jumping into the camera.

This is a panorama picture of the location. It's one of my favourite convention locations.

For the second day I wore a costume I made in one week. I now know I am still able to do costumes without procrastinating but oh, at what cost.
I am actually not really fond of the movie but I like her dresses and style very much.
I have better pictures of that cosplay but for now just a quick mobile picture. The dress was already a bit crumpled and doesn't look so nice in this picture.

 It was very sunny both days, I even got a bit of a tan in my cleavage from Belle the day before. It's barely visible though on this picture.

 I am not very fond of the way my bangs look but there was simply no time to style them. :(

Selfie with Souly - Blur of color.

The convention was even fuller on Sunday and it was really amazing how many cosplayers could fit in one location.

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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