Bring & Buy May 2018

May 19, 2018

Hello lovelies,

there was another bring and buy in Vienna on the 1st of May. This time M and I didn't have a booth together, instead we left some clothes at the bring and buy. It was much easier that way and we didn't have to spend six hours sitting around in a stuffy room.

But I didn't just sell items, I also bought some, as always.

The dress is from Ank Rouge, it's pale pink with a while collar, lolita in red embroidery, and ruffles and has a light worn feeling to it. But I don't really mind that.

The second dress is also from Ank Rouge. I tried it on and it's a bit short, I definitely have to find a matching underskirt for it.

The third dress is from Liz Lisa with their distinctiv floral pattern. It's 100% polyester and not very breathable, it has a weird cut which probably suits people with less boobs more than people with more boobs. As for me, a sad japanese fashion lover with bigger boobs, the small  high-waist part in the middle starts right at my boobs and not underneath and it looks weird. Super weird. But only if you look directly at it, I guess?

The fourth and last item is a cardigan with lace. It's comfy, warm, and cute...and the buttons are heart shaped.

D played paparazi and I found this wonderful picture. I am shopping and M is holding my stuff. That's us. It describes us just perfectly.

I wore my Cheval de bois swan dress for that occasion with a pink chiffon blouse. Pastel pink and pastel purple don't match? But they do!

 I even found a drink that matched my outfit, a white-chocolate raspberry smoothie. It was sweet, sour and delicious.
Have a nice weekend,

all the best!

Auris Lothol

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