Munich 2018

May 24, 2018

Hello lovelies,

May is full of national holidays and I took the chance to use a long weekend to visit my friends in Munich again. That was actually already the third year in a row M and I did so, but this time we had no cosplay shootings and we used the time to hang around and buy chips, I am not kidding here, we brought back a sports bag filled with chips.

The last two years we went by bus but this year we took the train. We had to change train in Salzburg but it was way more comfy than the bus albeit a bit more expensive.
As for going there I almost slept the entire train ride from Vienna to Salzburg. I can really sleep everywhere.

We didn't do much on Thursday except to chat and catch up with our friends. But on Friday we started out early in search of some vintage shops. And we lost our way. We found one vintage shop, a pick and weigh at Tal which was stuffed with items from the top to bottom.

After a lunch break at Hans im Glück (where else?) we went to Stachus, ate waffles and visited Idee, a craft store.
I wore my new Ank Rouge dress I bought at the last bring and buy. It is so cute and comfy. Definitely a good investment.

The tip of the iceberg was a visit in the Riem Arcades where I bought new underwear (again) and we went to a supermarket and bought a buttload of chips.

On Saturday we went to the wildpark where some animals were roaming around freely, other ones like bears and wolves were in a separate area with huge fences but nevertheless you could watch them in their "natural" habit. It was fascinating.
I bought a pack of animal feed for 0,50cents and had a lot of fun with feeding of the animals.

Look how happy I look! Also my ducky mouth comes very naturally. Haha. It's almost like I want to kiss the animals.

The dress is from sky rose, it was the only dress I bought without sleeves and made for a hotter weather. My packing skills are really terrible.

In the evening we grilled food and then watched the eurovision songcontest.

We almost got a heart attack when the countries gave Austria 12 points and we were at the first place for a few minutes. Stop giving us points! That was awkward...

On Sunday we left for Vienna again after a large breakfast which consisted of the left over from yesterday's grilled food. I grew especially fond of a hot chorizo sausage and it's just my luck that it is not available in Austria at all. Talk about cultural differences here.

I hope to see my friends and Munich again soon!

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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