International Lolita day Summer 2018

June 03, 2018

Hello lovelies,

wow, it's June again. I really dislike how the weeks just seem to fly by while working in an office for 40h and not being able to do much else during the week. No wonder I either pack my weekends or use them to do nothing and reload my energy reserves.
So, last Saturday was International Lolita day (ILD) and I went to a tiny cafe in Vienna with my sister and M.

The decor was a kind of modern art déco with its slim lines and white and gold combination. 
I didn't take a closer picture of the cakes and tartes in the show case but they all looked scrumptious. 

I ate the choux with strawberry and vanilla cream and they were very tasty. The cream was not heavy and tasted like [good] vanilla (bad vanilla tastes like mold to me?). 

I wore my Magic tea party dress with matching hair ribbons. They used to be pins for the dress but I always have second or third uses for items like these. 

 A picture with my dear sister.

And here the full outfit near golden palm decoration. 
Dress: Magic tea party
Rest. offbrand

Our next lolita teekränzchen will probably be held in this cafe, unless we are too many. 
Have a nice week!

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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