Harry Potter event

July 04, 2018

Hello lovelies,

I am a bit late to the party but at least I am only two weeks late?
There was a Harry Potter event, the first of its kind, near Vienna on the 23rd and 24th of June. It was held at a renaissance castle called Rosenburg, which was a really good location but the event itself was not, actually it was pretty boring. It took us a bit more than an hour to get to the location by car and afterwards when we arrived, the parking situation was horrible. There were cars parking everywhere, even in the no parking area. We also had no chance to park there and hope that nobody would come and tow the car. That luckily didn't happen but rumor has it that the police took pictures of all the cars that parked there illegally. Let's see how that turns out.
The event itself was small, there were two food stalls and two for drinks which were massivly expensive and you had to wait in line for a long time. I was really happy that we took food and drinks with us. As for the location, at least that was lovely. The castle grounds were very well taken care of and they even had a rosegarden.
There was a panel at 1pm and at 3.30pm, inbetween there was no program at all? That was weird.
We ended up sitting on the lawn and discussing Harry Potter themes, which was very nice. I think the people I went to the event with really saved the day for me.

Okay, enough with the negative review. I made a lot of lovely pictures I want to show you. I'm a  little hufflepuff bean.

The dress, hat and the overskirt are self-made. I made the dress last year for an Alice in Wonderland cosplay but never wore it. It's pale yellow but suits Hufflepuff well. To be honest, I hate my house colours, yellow and black always remind me of a bumble-bee...or an angry hornet.

Which house are you in and do you like your house colours'?

All the best,

Auris Lothol

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